Wednesday, 9 February 2011


So as you summarised from the title you clever person you, it's 3am in the morning and I'm tired and bored to hell. But this whole blog thing.. I dunno what to call it, has cleared my head.. Okay so let me cut to the "Long story" Since I have so much time to kill (Which is ironic cos I don't.. Shaddap I'm about to explain) Anyway It's now well into my fourth hour of job hunting via the internet and my brain has entered this autonomous mode of click job, read about job, job is unacceptable/poor wage/poor hours/too far away, click back to listing of all jobs. So I decided with what massive/little amount of time I had left I'd do something... New. Well back to the no time/loads of time issue because I'm sure you're thinking right now "This guy is amazing at creating suspense" so here it is: I'm dying. Catch that? Ok well first I should explain I received a nice bout of septicaemia for my troubles which soon developed into septic shock.. Which I beat.. Everyone: HOORAY!.. No?.. Okay..  Well anyway it's back again and chance's of survival this time are very slim, though my girlfriend remains optimistic. God I love her. So chance's are you'll be with me until next November when all of a sudden your world will come crashing down when you realise I haven't posted... OH the horror! But until then I hope your lust for my blog's keeps the dream alive. I'll try to get on here to post and view other's blog's as much as I can. But until next time.. Don't feed the troll's.